Denny Smith

Founder Masters Pharmaceuticals

For more than five years I had my company for sale. Although I had offers during that period nothing panned out. It was a very frustrating period in my life.During that same period I was fortunate to meet George Zorich. Although both of us worked in the same industry, we had never met. It didn’t take me long to find out that he was one of the most well known and highly connected individual in the US pharmaceutical industry.When George took a personal interest as a consultant in my business things began to happen. On January 2, 2018 my company was sold to one of the largest companies in the world. Much of the credit I give to my good friend and consultant George Zorich.

Dave McCleary

Founder Custopharm, Inc.

George is a class act and is greatly respected in the pharmaceutical industry and the private equity circles. I have known him for over 20 years. When I needed help he is the only phone call I made. Specifically, I needed help with the buyout of my business partner and advice on what to do once I fully owned the company. After assessing my situation, we met with six companies, both private equity and pharmaceutical companies. The consistent statement I heard was that if George was involved, the companies would be interested in participating in some way. Based on the meetings, George helped me navigate a deal with the one of the largest healthcare-oriented PE firms. Three years later, I would do the same deal all over again. It was the right deal for me, my family and my company. I’m now a board member, minority owner and looking forward to continuing to grow the company leading to another successful exit in the future.

Lenny Rodriguez

Chief Executive Officer Attain Med, Inc.

While I have only been affiliated with the pharmaceutical industry over the last ten (10) years, and I have known George Zorich for the last six years. I can say with the utmost sincerity that George is an individual that is truly respected and known for his unquestionable integrity in this industry. In late 2012, I was looking for an individual to assist me in developing a strategic growth plan that would help elevate my company (Attain Med) to the next level.
After many hours of research looking for someone with the credentials (i.e. education, background, experience & relationships) that I believed would be needed to achieve this goal, I found George via LinkedIn. He was connected to various other individuals that I personally knew, which were also highly respected in the industry. I reached out to him to see if he would be interested in taking on this task, and after several follow-up discussions with George he agreed to assist me.
George was instrumental in structuring a strategic business and growth plan that would ultimately take the foundation that we had already built, identify missing factors, course correct those areas of our operation that needed to be corrected and then designed a plan that integrated these various attributes and changes, with the intent of putting us in the best possible position of achieving our goal.
The impact that George had on our company was significant to say the least. We went from a regional organization to a national one, we increased our customer base from approximately 1,000 customers to over 2,500 customers and most importantly we doubled our revenues the following three (3) years in a row. Aside from George’s tremendous business acumen, he is also one of the most genuine people that I have ever met.